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Casa Trifoglio - Montelparo - Le Marche

About Us

We are Isabel and Andy from Belgium.


After many travels in Italy, starting in the north by the lakes, we have traveled further south each year, until in 2010 we traveled through this region with the motorcycle on the 100th anniversary of Benelli moto in Pesaro. We were instantly hooked and we stick here.


After that we visited the south of Italy but "Le Marche" did not let us go until we bought this farmhouse in Montelparo in 2015.

During the restoration of the house we came to the conclusion that the house is much older than we first thought.

The original building has been a church that is more than 1000 years old.


We have restored for 3 years and tried to preserve the old authentic elements such as the entrance gate and the gun holes of the original church and to dress it with the necessary modern comfort.

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